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Tadaa Studio

Dinner Table

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Our website might be shiny new, but we’ve been crafting and sewing for years. We got a class going on right now at 212 Arts in Saline MI with my favorite of fabrics: Mexican oilcloth. I may be just a sucker for the quick fix of throwing a couple yards of oilcloth over my table to spice up its look, but who doesn’t love a fabric that wipes clean, is waterproof and is insanely bright and festive looking? Oilcloth has more body than regular fabric, doesn’t fray and can be easily sewn into a nice-looking project by the most...

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We're here...

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Everything is live and kicking! We see this blog as a place to share with our readers the amazing things we learn about sewing and fabrics every day, to answers questions and to share ideas and tips we come across as we create. Let us know what you are up to!

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Almost Here....

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The final countdown to being live has begun...just a few more tweaks and we will be live.

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