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Dinner Table

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oilcloth table cloth Our website might be shiny new, but we’ve been crafting and sewing for years. We got a class going on right now at 212 Arts in Saline MI with my favorite of fabrics: Mexican oilcloth. I may be just a sucker for the quick fix of throwing a couple yards of oilcloth over my table to spice up its look, but who doesn’t love a fabric that wipes clean, is waterproof and is insanely bright and festive looking? Oilcloth has more body than regular fabric, doesn’t fray and can be easily sewn into a nice-looking project by the most novice of beginners. Don’t even want to sew? Cut the oilcloth into 13 x 16 squares for place mats, or one large square for a splash mat. Line a box or drawer with it –or go ahead just throw it over your table. Dinner!

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