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Chalkcloth Transforms a Card Table

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So, my card table had seen better days.  The cheap vinyl covering had scratches and tears, so it always required a tablecloth.  My usual solution was to cover with a piece of chalkcloth - instant fun kids table!  A great solution, but still the table was lacking. This project was definitely easy, took about an hour of actual work time and had minimal pain in the #$%  annoyances. Do learn from my mistake, take a staple that works in your staple gun to the store so you buy the right size, nothing like a hardware store run to kill your...

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Dinner Table

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Our website might be shiny new, but we’ve been crafting and sewing for years. We got a class going on right now at 212 Arts in Saline MI with my favorite of fabrics: Mexican oilcloth. I may be just a sucker for the quick fix of throwing a couple yards of oilcloth over my table to spice up its look, but who doesn’t love a fabric that wipes clean, is waterproof and is insanely bright and festive looking? Oilcloth has more body than regular fabric, doesn’t fray and can be easily sewn into a nice-looking project by the most...

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