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Sewing Square

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It always happens that in the midst of a sewing or craft project that neat stack of materials and supplies that I have gathered becomes scattered all over the place: thread in one spot, notions covered by fabrics, pattern packet and instructions separated from each other.  Sometimes I feel like more time is spent searching for the pieces I need than actually sewing.  Here is a simple way to be stylishly organized. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Time: less than an hour Materials:
  • Chunky Picture frame 11” x 14”
  • 4 -2-1/2” finish nails
  • 4 cup hooks
  • 2 clothes pins & 2 1" finish nails to attach these
  • Spray paint
Step 1: Clean the frame Step 2:  Figure out which side will be the top of the frame.  On the sides of the frame, screw in cup hooks, two per side on short sides of frame, 2 per side, place 1 one each side about an inch down from the top a corner and couple of inches from the bottom corner.  These can hold scissors, buttons, safety pins or anything else you might have to organize.

Step 3: Nail 2-1/2"  nails along bottom edge of frame at an angle, you may want to pre-drill so the frame wood doesn’t split

Sewing Square - painting in process
Sewing Square - painting in process

Step 4: Spray paint.

Step 5: Attach clothes pins, by taking them apart and nailing one side into the frame and then assemble again with the spring, this takes a little fussing about but they will be secure. Step 6:  Hang frame in craft room and add your current project notions, pattern and tools to all the hooks and clips and be a little more organized for your project. TaDaa! [caption id="attachment_420" align="aligncenter" width="288" caption="Finished Sewing Square"]Finished Sewing Square[/caption]

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