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1st Communion Veil - How to instructions

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First Communion is coming up quickly, only two weeks away, and I just finished the dress over the weekend.  Now it is time to make the veil, a fun and quick project that could also be adapted to make a wedding veil for a little girl's dress-up box.
Time: 1 hour for the basic veil, a little more time for adding custom details
Materials : $5 approx.
  • 1 yard tulle 45" wide-  the finer the tulle the nicer it will drape
  • 1/4" satin ribbon (5 yards)
  • thread
  • fabric padded headband
  • assorted millinery flowers -optional
Step 1: Fold in half width-wise to a size 45"  x 18" and then fold in half again to have a square 22.5 x 18."  Lay this on a cutting mat and with a rotary cutter cut a gently sloping quarter circle to give the veil shape. [caption id="attachment_374" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="First fold to 45 x 18"]1st Communion Veil Step1 1st Fold to 45 x 18[/caption] [caption id="attachment_375" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="2nd fold to 22.5 x18"]2nd fold for communion veil 22.5 x18[/caption] [caption id="attachment_379" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="cutting of veil shape"]cutting of veil shape[/caption] Step 2: Machine sew 1/4" satin ribbon to edge of tulle.  Start sewing at the widest point (at edge of 45" width point.)  It will be gathered at the headband and hidden. It might be a little difficult to start in the machine, so begin with an inch of ribbon under the presser foot.  Trim excess ribbon prior to making the full circle to overlap the ribbon.  Continue feeding the ribbon over the edge of the tulle and stitch all the way around the tulle. creating veil tiers by folding and ribbon edge Step 3: Fold veil to the position where you would like the tiers to hit, about a 6" difference gives a nice look or keep them even.  Baste along the folded edge.  This will be where the veil is gathered.  I did this by hand but you could quickly machine baste. basting and gathering of a communion veilclose-up of attachment of veil to headband Step 4: Evenly gather veil and hand stitch to the headband.  This is most time consuming step (still only about 15-20 minutes).  I found the easiest way to evenly gather was to tack the veil to the headband at the end points and center point and then distribute the gathers between them hand stitching in place. Be sure to stitch evenly in place to the back edge of the head band to conceal stitch and leave a nice edge. Step 5: Optional additional millinery flowers may be hand sewn to the headband to cover any stitching and add some pop to the veil and customize it to match any details of the dress. To make a wedding veil the same techniques apply, just with loads more tulle, for example use 60" wide tulle and 1.5- 6 yards, depending on length and number of layers. finished communion veil with ribbon edge trim TaDaa! [caption id="attachment_402" align="alignleft" width="288" caption="Finished veil modeled by a very silly girl!"]Finshed veil modelled by a very silly girl![/caption]

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  • Love this! So cute and fun! Thanks so much for sharing. I posted a link to your blog post on my craft forum here:

    - Elizabeth

    Elizabeth on
  • wow…that looks very pretty

    Nima on
  • I am totally going to try this!! Thank you for the great tutorial!! That veil is way cuter than most I’ve seen for $50 and up!

    Bridget on
  • Thank you for this. I knew I could come up with something like this and have come across some wonderful tulle with crosses on it that my daughter loves. I just wasn’t sure of how to lay out the material to cut it and how the edging would come off. You’ve described it perfectly and I know I will be able to pull it off in an afternoon. Plus, your model shows me how well it will look with my daughter’s hair length. My thanks to her also.

    Paula on
  • Thanks, looks easy, great idea.

    Connie Nova Scotia

    Connie on

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