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The Gnomes Move In

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My son has two older sisters and lives in a house that has over the years been a haven for fairies.  From fairy dwellings my daughters have made in our gardens, to the fairy doors in their bedrooms, my son has grown up surrounded by these tiny creatures.  But he is six now, and he feels the gnomes of the fairy world should be better represented. I let him choose the colors and paint a door himself.  He wanted to keep the white frame so that it would match the other doors, but otherwise thought a tie-dye look would be most fitting. He leaves stones, feathers and other treasures he has collected from outside to entice the gnomes to take up residence in his bedroom.  If that doesn’t get them coming to visit, he says he’ll leave them chocolate. I’m sure the fairies will approve and will gladly make room for the gnomes. gnome door

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