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Wool Felt Pillow

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I am always perusing the Pottery Barn and Crate and Barrel catalog for design ideas.  I look at the pillows and think, I could make that for way less than the usual $75+ price tag. So after noticing the tone-on-tone and textured pillows were drawing me in, I tackled this ruffled pillow design and I am loving it! Wool Felt Rose Pillow I made it up a couple in a variety of colors to spice up my family room, then decided it would make an excellent kit for all my crafty friends out there. With this modern craft kit, all the materials are pre-cut (and the ruffle basted) and ready to start sewing as soon as you receive it.  We can install an invisible zipper ahead of time for you, if you prefer.  Red isn't your style?  We have felt available in slate gray, cream (straw), relish green, and grassy meadows green too.  If there is another color that you like shoot us an email and we will put it togetehr for you. This a great kit for making a handmade gift when you are short on time and it has a great "Wow, you made that?" punch.  Watch out though, they are addicting to make and soon you'll be making them for everyone on your list, including yourself.

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