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Valentine’s Day Stitchable Cards

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Stitchable Valentine's Day Cards
It’s that time of year again when Valentine’s Day crafts abound. This year I decided to experiment with stitchable cards because they look so cute and there are many pink and red fabrics that work for this holiday. I started with blank, white notecards. Then, with a pinking shear, I cut out my design from the fabric I had chosen and taped it in the center to my card. Use a cookie cutter, a design already on the fabric or a stencil as your guide, if you do not want to free-hand the design. Next, I placed the card on top a piece of felt.  With a needle I punched evenly spaced holes through the fabric and card. Collect your floss and start stitching! I used a running stitch for my fabric designs, a back stitch for the border of the heart card and a cross-stitch for the border of the bear card. Another idea: leave the top of the heart open and insert a stick of gum or another type of candy.

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